Salem Witch Trials And The Great Tragedy Essay

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In the late 16th century in the Massachusetts colony there was a town called Salem, this settlement was a puritan community. Salem is known for the great tragedy known as the Salem witch trials, where in mass hysteria n paranoia took the lives of many innocent people. Religion, war, and land in this region of America took and ruined the life’s of many settlers not only in Salem but in many parts of the New England area. These events are studied even to this day, they show us how hysteria can take hold of people and make them act irrational.

16Th Century New England.Bridget Bishop, Rev. George Burrought, Sarah good and Ann Pudeator are only some of the names of settlers living in Salem accused of witchcraft. 20 individuals where accused tired and killed for a crime they did not commit, but do to other settlers and the madness that took over the town. 185 accused witches in the outbreak: 141 were women and almost half were over 40 (Carol Karlsen 1998). The Salem witch trials stood out over all the others because of how many of the accused where prominent member of the village, reverends, and even a deputy. Ann Putnam a prominent member of the community along with many other would point their fingers and accuse other of witchcraft. Making statements that they could feel or see shadowy figures, feel pinches or tugs, or even hear the devil (The dark man) speaking to them then accusing anyone they liked. The strong puritan beliefs of the villager and the…

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