Salem Witch Trials : A Very Well Known Piece Of American History

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Austin Bell
Professor Schroeder
Religion 321
25 November 2015
Salem Witch Trials The Salem Witch Trials are a very well known piece of American history that is still heavily researched today. These trials were held in Salem, Massachusetts starting in February of 1692 and ending around May, 1693. The trials consisted of a number of different Salem residents being accused of partaking in witchcraft activities. As many as 141 people were arrested for this and out of those, 20 people were executed because of these accusations. Today, these trials are known for the frantic quality in which they were conducted; Many of Salem’s residents were suspected and convicted of witchcraft with insubstantial evidence. The Salem Witch Trials all started off with a slave women named Tituba; Tituba was the first person to be accused of witchcraft and also the first to confess to witchcraft by her slave owners.
The large amount of guilt blamed upon Tituba was not only brought upon just her. Researching Tituba today only brings up more questions about the small amount of provable information on Tituba. A lot of the recognition and understandings of Tituba today are only based upon local tradition and fictional stories rather than actual court documents or eye-witness accounts. Asking someone that lives in Salem today about Tituba might only bring up scary stories on "The Black Witch of Salem" for entertaining children and might not be the most the accurate extent of her influence on the Salem…

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