Essay on Salem Witch Trials : A Time Of Infamy

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During 1692, Massachusetts was in a time of infamy. Due to the fact of the Salem Witch Trials, many people and families were greatly affected. The Salem Witch Trials consisted of people being accused of bewitchment. Hangings, stoning or banishment were all consequences of being found guilty. The effect that the trials had on the people of the town was it had them living in constant fear. A grand total of 200 people were accused of bewitchment (Land of).
Salem Witch Trials started off in Massachusetts during mid June. The hometown of Salem Witch Trials was in the Salem Village. In an Asia - Pacific Economics Blog it states that the bewitchment of the people in Salem village occured when someone saw the “familiars”. This was the name given to the evil spirits. People would claim to have seen these spirits floating around while the witches practiced their dark arts (Apecsec). This blog also states that these evil spirits inhabited any human and even animals or creatures. The Salem Witch Trials would accuse anyone and anything. The Trials had such an impact on America that this time period was known as the “darkest moments of America” . It was known that the Salem area was constantly looking for something to purge that had anything identical to bewitchment or a witch (Apecsec). Salem villagers had a fear that the Devil was always trying to find ways to mess with Christian’s minds. Rebecca Brooks also states that the people had felt that the Devil was trying to destroy the…

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