Salary or Loan Essay

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Jiadai Wu 09/06/2015
Salary or Loan? Your choice
If you've ever told anyone for career advice, you've probably heard some versions of "follow your passion." Young people, in specific, are often said that they should figure out what career to pursue by building their work about whatever they're passionate about. However, in my opinion, it actually leads most students the wrong way in college time. There are too many students choose their major without understanding what jobs it will qualify them for once they graduate. One thing like student loans, after college, if you enter the working world with plenty of school loans to pay off, which may help you realize the importance of having a well-paying job.
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Many of them have all this money heaped up, but they never really get to enjoy the consequences of their effort because their work takes up most of their lives. Many of them hate their jobs because they aren’t really passionate about what they do. However, this is never really an issue when you are passionate about the work you do.
But have you think about often what makes people happy at work isn't that they're passionate about what they're doing, but that they have a sense of accomplishment or impact? Or they enjoy the autonomy they're given? Or they feel respected or valuable?
Therefore, while there is much hesitation to choose a career for what you love with the easier way to success, the independent choice, and the happier life. The risk of ruining your joy in real-work condition and the “finically happier” life also should come in account.
Career choice, to begin with, depends on a career’s perceived value which is determined by intrinsic factors such as intellectual interest as well as extrinsic factors such as salary expectation and the cost and length of future training.
Indeed, our beliefs of what we called “interest”, are formed through the interpretation of past experiences and the perception of the attitudes and expectations of others, such as parents, teachers, counselors, and so on, whom we refer to as socializers. In this way, the so-called interest can be

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