Essay about Saint Paul, Epistle to the Romans

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Saint Paul, Epistle to the Romans
Christianity is a religion that has overcome a lot of adversity in the last couple decades. Through the use of early disciples preaching the word of God and with scripture, the beliefs of Christian faith can be understood. The earliest Christian sources do not come from the gospels, but from Paul’s epistles regarding the Christian communities. Paul, or Saul his Hebrew name, was born an Israelite in Tarsus and became one of the most influential followers. Prior to his dramatic conversion to Christianity, Paul was a member of the Jewish elite of the eastern Mediterranean. While seeking to have Christians bound, a striking revelation of Christ’s appearance occurred while traveling to Damascus in Sryria. God
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The significance of this teaching is that Paul wanted all nonbelievers to know that if they did not believe in God, that through their conversion a higher being will always be present with them.
As followers of Jesus Christ, the people are able to have peace with God through the Lord. Christ died to save the world from sin, saving all the sinners in the world. By putting Jesus on the cross, the biggest sacrifice a human being can do for a person, God shows His eternal love for the people. The people can now attain the Lord’s grace and rejoice in the hope of sharing the glory of God. “In the view of Paul those who became apart of the body of Christ put off all sin and evil doing. The spirit of Christ dwelt in them, leading them to all things pure and lovely and of good report.” (Buckham). There is no distinction between Jew and Greek, the Lord is Lord and he will respond to all who call upon him. “Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Andrea).
Paul proclaims that God will be present with the people as long as they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the glory and worship of the Lord. God requires his people to walk with faith. The goal of the people is to serve God in humility and obedience. The people are to set aside the things of the past that ensnared them and to live as free men who are guided by the

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