Saint Patrick's Gothic Style Essay

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One building that was interesting that imitated the neo-gothic style over the many years I lived in Lowell was Saint Patrick’s church in Lowell, Massachusetts. The local church had a historical tie to the city's Irish American population to support the Irish workmen who had moved to Lowell and who are also the ones that worked on the Pawtucket and Merrimack Canals. The current stone structure dates to 1853 and the Saint Patrick's church used to be in a wooden design but a fire in 1904 caused majority of the church to be rebuilt by 1906.
Patrick’s church has many characteristics that imitate the gothic style that common back then including: a steeply pitched roof, pointed-arch windows, stained glass, and Gothic window above the entry. Gothic architecture are commonly known as the architecture style of many of the great cathedrals, and churches in the past. Gothic architectures mostly
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This meant that gothic buildings could scale to new heights compared to the past works. Another fundamental is pointed arcs, which effectively spreads the force of heavier ceilings and bulkier designs, and could support much more weight than other pillars.
The stronger arches allows for much more vertical height and the Gothic arches gave it a certain beauty which influenced many other features of gothic design – mostly the vaulted ceiling and spreading the heavy force of the weight from the upper floors. The arch also provided the impression of height and magnificence, giving the vaulted ceiling a feeling of royalty and elegance. The innovation of the pointed arch which was the defining internal characteristic of gothic architecture was both practical and decorative. Meaning that saint Patrick’s church has many of the fundamentals of a gothic style and is a great example of a local Gothic

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