Saint Dionysus Agora

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10 Most Incredible Churches in Greece

10. Athens Catholic Cathedral of Saint Dionysus Areopagite

This is the seat of the Catholic Church in Greece. The basilica is of the three-aisle form and is a work of Athenian classicism. Twelve giant columns made from green marble from Tinos island support the roof. The floor is made of fine Pentelic marble, and there are 8 impressive vitraux on the windows in the lower part of the church.

9. Church of the Holy Apostles

Located on the western area of Ancient Agora in Athens, it is highly significant because it is one of only two buildings in Agora that have remained intact since its foundation. It reflects the Athenian type of architecture (cross-in-square and four-pier forms) with a marble altar and
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It is known for its two craters and the two tiny churches built into the red wall of the smaller crater. Agios Georgios was built in the 1200s with 15th century frescoes. Metamorphosis is a bit newer and has a single wall constructed in front of a cavelike hole.

7. Athens Metropolis Cathedral
It is the spiritual center of Greek Orthodox and is one of the most important religious sites in the city. Construction began in 1842 and workers used marble from 72 demolished churches to build the immense walls. This architectural masterpiece has a dome, 2 towers, and 3 aisles.

6. Panagia Evangelistria

Tinos is considered as the capital of religious tourism and major Christian pilgrimages in Greece. Its magnificent church of Our Lady of Tinos is built around a miraculous icon which is said to have been found by the nun St. Pelagia after the Virigin appeared to her. The icon is encased in jewels, silver, and gold.

5. Agios Stefanos

This white chapel stands out from the rocky landscape of Galissa, a settlement in Syros. It is built in a cave above the sea by a fisherman in honor of St. Stephanos. It is said that he was being pulled by a huge octopus into the sea when he made a vow to St. Stephanos to save him.

4. Agios

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