Sailors Are A Different Breed Of Person Essay

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Sailors are a different breed of person. We don’t find comfort in stability, we are individuals of action, and we, in spite of the common misconception, are individuals of the utmost moral character. We use the words honor, courage and commitment to define our core values. I am fortunate enough to say that the Navy made me a sailor. Prior to becoming a sailor in 2005, I had bounced from family member to family member throughout my teenage years, until finally settling back with my mother after a ten year separation. This lack of stability in my youth made my life difficult growing up, and had a negative effect on my younger years. ////However enlisting in the Navy give me the discipline, tradition, and direction that had been missing in my life. Now I want to give back to the Navy that gave me so much. The past five years I have been working towards a singular purpose of obtaining a commission as a surface warfare officer. I have always felt that mustangs bring a certain level experience to the officer ranks. Men like BGen. Chuck Yeager, Gen. James Mattis, and Adm. Jeremy Boorda rose up from the enlisted ranks to the highest echelons of the officer ranks. Their experiences as an enlisted members shaped how they led. It is that outside of the box thinking that improves the Navy overall. It prevents group think, and allows new ideas to thrive. This is the main reason I wanted to join the officer ranks. I want to bring the experience I have gained as an enlisted person to a…

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