Saginaw Public School Case Study

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There are many participants in the problem of Saginaw Public School District’s deficit issue and in particularly determining which high school should be closed. The first participant includes the students who are the most effected by the decisions that are made by the school district. The students have been very vocal with their opinions on whether they would like their school open or closed. Some students have feelings that they absolutely do not want their school closed and others they feel like it’s unfair for them to have to go across town to a high school that is not in their neighborhood. There are other students who want to combine into one school because they believe in having the opportunity to take advance classes and participate in a variety of extracurricular is a great opportunity for the students of Saginaw Public School District. The students have been very vocal and showing their presence at school board meetings and community forums. The next important participants are the parents of students who attend Saginaw Public Schools. The parents are leading groups who are protesting at …show more content…
The school leaders have their opinions on what choice they believe is the best which is to close one of the high schools. They differ in opinions because the question of which high school should be closed. Some principals are split because they don’t want their high school to be closed and they don’t want to anger parents and community leaders. Principals also are concerned with keeping their jobs so there participation in this problem is huge. Superintendents also share the same feelings with the principals. They want to make the hard decision to close one of the schools but they also have to worry about not making parents upset and school board members. If superintendents make school board members upset their job may be in

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