Safety Risk After Having Surgery Essay

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Walking into a new shift at the hospital on a Saturday morning, I was assigned to sit with a patient because I had hurt my shoulder the previous day. I would reconsider your hook, it could be more attention grabbing As a nursing assistant, I was to make sure the patient was not to pull out any drains or wires, arising out of bed sporadically, and to try to keep the patient calm in their situation. This patient was considered a safety risk after having surgery. The patient was severely ill, he was confused from the anesthesia and needed to rest. The patient’s room was a mess, so while the patient was sleeping I was organizing all of the wound care supplies and making sure everything was in its place while keeping an eye on my patient at all times. I had looked over and my patient was turning blue and losing concious because they were unable to breathe and dying. I hit the Code Blue button and the emergency staff button and immediately started CPR. After ten minutes of CPR, I was able to bring them back and help them breathe again but the patient was then sent to intensive care unit. When the situation calmed, the hospitalist shouted at the nurses and I because a nursing assistant was performing CPR and not a register nurse even though I am certified to give CPR. I was disappointed with the doctor because it was a highly stressful situation and I had helped save a person’s life. That day, I asked myself, “Why don’t I just quit?” Many nurses have thought or have left their…

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