Safety Assessment Of Autonomous Cars Using Verification Techniques

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6. Althoff, M.; Stursberg, O.; Buss, M. Safety Assessment Of Autonomous Cars Using Verification Techniques. 2007 American Control Conference. 2007.

This paper makes the assertion that since passenger safety is of utmost importance when dealing with autonomous cars, any safety measures should only be cleared if it is guaranteed to work. On the road, it is impossible for an autonomous car to be able to predict (with certainty) how the given scenario will unfold. This leads to the vehicle having to analyze an infinite set of possible outcomes. In order to compute this, the researchers in this study propose that a hybrid verification method should be used, which would allow for the infinite set to be computed. This is done by only computing the possible outcomes in a given time span. The proposed system is then put through a simulation which proves it to be effective.

This work would be useful in showing that there are proposed systems that can be put into autonomous vehicles that would ensure that any action they make is made with the safety of the passenger as the most important factor. This paper relates to Source 1 because both of the described systems are centered around the safety of the passengers.

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7. Zanardo, G. S.; Stanger, T.; Lang, D.; Re, L. D. An Integrated Evaluation Approach for Performance and Safety of Autonomous Vehicles. 2013 International Conference on Connected…

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