Safety Against The Right Helmet Essay

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Properly fitting helmets can also make a huge difference when it comes to the prevention of concussions. The right helmet can do a lot for you and can significantly reduce how much your head may shake when it is rattled up. According to the American Academy of Neurology, helmets are actually doing little to protect side head hits and rotational force. The AAN conducted several tests to compare brands of football helmets and what kind of force they can encounter. The studies were drop tests with the helmets and then with force sensors inside the helmet. All different types of popular helmets were tested; such as, Riddell Revolution, adams a2000, and more. It was found that the Adams a2000 helmet provided the best protection against concussions. The researchers also found that compared to not wearing a helmet, brain injury was reduced by 20%. In reality that really isn’t a huge reduction, and that we should be aiming much higher. Of course the average football helmet has changed drastically over the years. When football very first started there weren’t even helmets, but then as the sport got more physical the league turned to leather helmets. Now we’ve made it all the way to the sophisticated hard helmets that we have today. (American Academy of Neurology).

With players committing suicide and saving their brains to prove that they had contracted this brain disease the NFL was in a sticky situation with families lined up to sue the game of football. Seau’s family had…

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