Safeguarding Children Essay

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Understand How to Safeguard the Wellbeing of Children and Young People.
Question 1
We use legislation, guidelines and policies and procedures to safeguard children. It is important that we use these guidelines as it does affect the way we treat and protect children in our care. Here are some guidelines, legislations and policies and procedures: * The children Act 1989 for England and Wales * The children Act 2004 * Children Order 1995 – Northern Ireland * Working together to Safeguard Children 2006 * Keighley Community Nursery Safeguarding policy
Question 2
Safeguarding is much more than just protecting children from direct abuse. The staying safe action plan recognises a number of important aspects in the wider
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The Data Protection Act places responsabilities on organisations holding personal information to: * Use it only as needed * Keep it secure * * Make sure its accurate * Keep it up to date
In our setting things like change of address and phone numbers are updated regularly. No information is shared unless it is with an organisation like social services.
All records of children and families are kept safe and not shared with anyone, the only people that can access these details are the staff working with these children and families in the provision and management.
Question 6
It is important to safeguard children to prevent serious events like the Laming Inquiry, the Bichard Inquiry and Baby P happening.
Question 7
Every child matters sends out a very strong message to society and adults who care for children of the importance of each and every child.
A key feature of every child matters is that each child is a unique individual who needs support from adults to achieve the best possible outcomes as they grow and develop. The aim of every child matters is to give all children the support they need to: * Be healthy * Enjoy and achieve * Make a positive contribution * Achieve economic well being
Every child matters aims to have a national framework to support the joining up

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