Safe Sex No Regrets Campaign Essays

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Northern Territory Government– Safe Sex, No Regrets Media Campaign

Australia has been experiencing increased rates of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) over the past ten years as a direct result of unsafe sex practises (ABS- Australian Social Trends, Jun 2012). These infections are some of the most common illnesses worldwide affecting the health and wellbeing of people infected, particularily women in regards to their fertility (Gerbase, Rowley, heymann et, al 1998). Northern Territory Health (2008) along with the other Australian states have identified that the age group at being most at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections is people aged between 15 and 29. This paper will establish whether a positive
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According to the Australian Government (2010), research indicates that eight out of ten cases diagnosed with a STI are in people aged between 15 and 29 years. The Australian Government believes that low awareness about the dangers of STIs and the misconceptions of what safe sex is; there is more to “safe sex” than avoiding pregnancy and a general lack of knowledge in regards to infections are asymptomatic contributing elements to these increases. The Government is aware that regular tests for infection are crucial in the control and the community needs to be enlightened through campaigns such as the safe sex promotion. Reports of STIs amongst this age group is a worldwide issue and other research shows in addition to the above markers, that the increase is also contributed to significant barriers this group have to accessing condoms and previous access to sexual health services.
The success of a health campaign can be assessed based on how effectively it uses the principles suggested by the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion and to take all the variables into account such as behaviours and attitudes. Individuals’ beliefs dictate these behaviours and if attitude and behaviour towards sexual health is to be changed, personal and community beliefs need to change. The Government had recognised that behavioural changes within the 15 to 29 year old population were required. Funding was provided in order to promote sexual health awareness

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