Safe Nursing Staffing Legislation And Regulation Essay

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Safe Nursing Staffing Legislation and Regulation
Over the last few decades the advancements in medical field accompanied by certain societal changes such as aging of population and immigration brought about increasing demand for health care services in the United Sates (U.S.). These phenomena combined with national economic crisis necessitated considerable cuts in budget and personnel and provoked significant changes in the U.S. health care system that affected every healthcare professional discipline. In response to transformation of health care system delivery methods and policies, bedside registered nurses (RNs), who appear to be the major caregivers of sick and injured (Shi & Singh, 2013), had to face new realities of occupational practice with reduced staff and increased nurse to patient ratios. The purpose of this paper is to identify current legislative efforts surrounding nursing staffing issue, examine its ethical, social, and financial determinants, and explore various nursing roles and influence in legislative process and in shaping the future of nursing profession.
Safe Nursing Staffing and Legislature
Nursing understaffing is a serious and long accumulated issue that requires a priority in legislative efforts. Nationwide nurses report unsafe nurse to patient ratios in their healthcare facilities and even prepared to strike in order to change the current situation (Keller, Dulle, Kwiecinski, Altimier, & Owens, 2013). “Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act” that…

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