Safe Nurse Staffing Ratios Essay

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Safe Nurse Staffing Ratios
Danielle Scott
Vermont Technical College

Safe Nurse Staffing Ratios
In the last few years, there has been a rising need for an increase in registered nurses in the hospital setting. This rise in registered nurses is related to increasing acuity of hospitalized patients and a shorter duration of stay. The safety and quality of patient care is closely associated to the quantity and skill of the nursing workforce. Hospital inpatient working environments have worsened in some hospitals because healthcare facilities have not maintained the demand for the increase in nursing staff. With inadequate staffing ratio there are gaps formed involving patient’s needs and the nursing care accessible to meet patient’s needs. Lowering the quantity of patients given to a registered nurse allows for better patient safety, higher quality of care and decreases the amount of money spent on medical complications and staff turnover.
Trend Analysis
The trend of safe nurse staffing ratios is defined as sustaining the proper number and combination of nursing staff, with this mix of health care members it is crucial to the delivery of safe, quality patient care. An inadequate staffing ratio results in increased medication errors, increased mortality rate, increased re-admission of patients and nurse fatigue. Furthermore, an inadequate staffing ratio influences the safety and well-being of both the patient and the nurse in a negative way with negative outcomes,…

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