Safe Drinking Water Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Every day, people die from causes related to contaminated water. And for those who survive, without good health, there is little chance for a normal happy life. Contaminated water causes 80% of the health problems throughout the world. Much of the reason is because in areas of LEDC’S the only water source for people to wash with and drink from is often badly polluted used by both animals and humans So there is more chance of infection and disease spreading meaning more people will die but those who are born into this crisis will have the same thing going, like the lack of water and having to survive. The people who are suffering are the women children older people and also those with disabilities. For starts women have to carry water, Water containers usually hold about 20 litres of water, which weigh 20kg. Constantly carrying such heavy weights, commonly on the head, back or hip, has severe health problems .However, it is ill health from the state of unsafe water and lack of sanitation that causes millions of deaths a year. Providing clean, safe water supplies, effective sanitation and helping communities understand about good hygiene means that these deaths can be …show more content…
Because of not having that safe drinking water there are diseases and viruses that are carried in the water to the rivers with families then washing and drinking the water it becomes even worse , even more dirtier. From carrying these diseases or viruses you then cannot work or go to school because of this illness affecting you so those people are losing out on their education for their mothers its more the case of carrying the water for such a long time on their heads or hips that they get body deformities like curved backs and the chance they get something from the water children are more affected because living in that environment their immune systems are low especially with toddlers or

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