Saddest Moment In My Life

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Let 's start at the beginning I was born Monday, March 16, 1998. I was born in a two parent family and lived with both parents together until I was about four years old. Shortly after my baby sister, Shanelle was born in 2001 my parents separated. I never learned why they separated but my best guess was because of the stress between them, they had four young kids, my dad was an alcoholic just like his father before him and my mother constantly hoarded things that people threw out or from deals she could find in the Sunday sales paper. That I 'm guessing that caused a bit of a divide between them. After my dad left, we moved to a house a few blocks away, it was cool at first I got my own room and everything! It took me a few days to understand that my dad wouldn 't be …show more content…
Going to a soup kitchen every week taught me something very important, you should never look down on someone and pass unfair judgment. Later on, that year, my mom when to prison for the first time. She went because she wasn 't able to pay child support. Seeing her in jail was one of the saddest moments of my life, it broke my heart to see that. That was hard for me and my sisters, it was one of the first time I came home and cried on my bed. It showed me how important family is. Move ahead to freshman year of high school. That was a good and bad year for me, I met so many new people and make so many new friends. It wasn 't perfect, though, because that was the second time my mom when back to prison for the same thing, child support payments. This, unfortunately, made my grades go down, but I learned to never give up and to keep moving forward even when things don 't go your way. These past few years of high school have been the some of the best years of my life, but I still have some regrets for some of the things I did/didn 't do. This year I made a promise to myself not to have any regrets and to live my life to the fullest. That is

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