Dictatorship In Iraq

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During the Second World War, Germany was ruled and run by Adolf Hitler a fascist dictator. Hitler is one of, if not the most recognisable dictator of his time. However decades after the second world war dictatorial government has become more common and more of a concern to democratic governments. A dictatorship is a form of government when an individual (dictator) has all the power over the whole country. The dictator makes the law and decisions for the whole country without the citizen’s approval. The dictator usually uses military force in order to keep the citizens in their place and make them seem inferior to the dictator. Thousands of killings and executions happen on innocent people to intimidate the citizen’s and make the dictator seem more powerful. A good Government is basically a democratic government. The ideal democratic government should have free and fair elections, open participation and also accountable representatives. Out of all of those features, a dictatorship has none. …show more content…
Saddam was in complete power of Iraq between the years of 1979 – 2003. After escaping prison for trying to assassinate the president of Iraq. Saddam and his party (Ba’ath) rose to power. Saddam was vice president and eventually overthrew the president making him the president of Iraq. After killing his political foes. Saddam became stronger until he was running completely unopposed. Giving him dictatorial power. Saddam used methods such as torture and rape in order for him to stay in power. Up until his execution in 2003, Saddam was a brutal and ruthless man who would use fear in order to intimidate the Iraqi citizens and those who oppose

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