Sacrifice Of Purusha Book Analysis

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1. In the ancient text (1.1) “the Sacrifice of Purusha,” it is said that the gods had sacrificed a thousand headed, eyed, and footed mythological being. From Purusha’s sacrifice, were first brought the verses, sacred chants, and meters. From these things horses, cows, goats, sheep, and all animals with upper and lower rows of teeth were born. According to the Rig Veda this beings body parts became several things. After the animals was born the four varnas; from his mouth was born the first and highest varna, brahman, a member of the highest Hindu caste or that of the priesthood. Next from both of his arms were brought forth the second highest of the four varnas, rajanya, the noble or warrior category. Third we have from the two thighs, the …show more content…
In like the universe created heaven from the pure and bright and earth from the heavy and dark. This became the essence of the yin and yang; this essence became the four seasons, that brought forth animals. After time the heat, being produced by yang, became fire, that became the sun. While the yin produced cold, that turned to water then into the moon. The stars were next and they were created from excess of the sun and moon, also from this excess the earth grew water and soil. The final creation, that which was born out of nothing, man. Though there was a beginning, there was no being that started it, nor how long it …show more content…
Noticing this issue Obatala, a different god, went and created dry land for all kinds of animals. He created this land from a gold chain, a snail shell full of sand, a white hen, and a nut. The snail 's shell and then created the land from wherever the hen walked. The nut was to be planted and grew vegetation. Over months Obatala got bored of this routine and created figures in his image out of clay. That night he drank and drank and without realizing what he did he brought the figures to life. They thrived but were imperfect and unholy, so Obatala climbed down on the chain and flooded away all of the impurities in the

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