Sacrifice In The Iron Man Triathlon

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Register to read the introduction… For it was not only physical pain and suffering it was an emotional sacrifice as well. He knew that the son that had asked him to compete in this race with him could not do it himself. For that reason, the father spent many hours training for this event with his son by his side despite having an underlying heart disease. He swam 4 km while pulling his son in a raft. He endured 180 km of bicycling with his son strapped to the front of his bike, and he ran 42 km pushing his son. They finished the race as a team several hours behind the other competitors, but with their everlasting strength and love, and the father’s sacrifice allowed them to finish the most grueling race on the planet. …show more content…
The father sacrificed his health and time for his son because of his love for his disabled son. That is a sacrifice of love. The story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice of love. Jesus sacrificed his life for the love he had for every person in this world. He gave up his strength, body and life to obey his father. This was not only an act of sacrificial love; it was an act of sacrificial obedience. True sacrifice is only about why they are sacrificing, and it is irrelevant where the sacrifice takes place. With that being said, sacrifice takes place in family homes all over the world. Sacrifice can be seen on the faces of soldiers in foreign lands. Sometimes the soldiers experience the ultimate sacrifice in these far away places by giving up their own life. Sacrifice takes place anywhere someone is willing to give up something for someone else. The father stopped his life and time to train and compete in the Iron Man race for his undeniable love of his son because he knew his son would never be able to do this race without

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