Sacrifice In Mockingjay, By Suzanne Collins

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Sacrifice comes from selflessness, compassion, and extraordinary love. This matter is demonstrated in the book Mockingjay, written by Suzanne Collins. Before the book Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen volunteers as a tribute for her sister Primrose, so that Prim will not have to go into “The Hunger Games”, a deadly war of innocent people. Soon, Katniss knows she has a job to do, once she realizes that their world is being taken over by President Snow. In Suzanne Collins’s book Mockingjay, it is common for the reader to sense Collins explaining that tenderness and love can overcome any obstacle. Suzanne Collins includes foreshadowing, similes, metaphors, and shows the mood and moral of the story during the adventure of Mockingjay.
Collins uses
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For example “The woods became our savior.” This meant that the woods provide food for Katniss and Gale which is what they need to survive, or it being their “savior”. It has saved them from starving and eventually dying. Another metaphor is when Katniss is called the Mockingjay by everyone in the districts, Katniss is not literally a bird. Although she survived many hard times during the games just like a “Mockingjay” would, hence Katniss’s nickname the Mockingjay. In addition, Katniss is called “The Girl On Fire”, once more she is not literally on fire (despite her costume made by Cinna) but she allied the districts, to go against the capitol, which is referred to as on “fire” because it was hard to do. Moreover, “The sun is a searing blade on my skin” the sun was not literally a blade, but it felt painful, therefore the metaphor “a searing blade” was used, this makes us be able to empathize with Katniss’s pain. Additionally, the quote “I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.” is a metaphor. She’s not really as radiant as the sun, for this would be scientifically impossible. Nevertheless she admitted rays of light (which is another metaphor) meaning she was a sign of hope to all the districts showing them that they could fight the capitol. As well as many metaphors in the book, there are also many different moods throughout …show more content…
For instance, “Prim’s face is as fresh as a raindrop, as lovely as the primrose for which she was.” This simile comparing Primrose (Katniss’s sister) to a “lovely primrose”. It is a powerful simile in a way that it makes us picture Primrose as Katniss’s inspiration (because Katniss took her place in the games) as well as sister. In addition, the quote “It seems like a lifetime ago. Like a long dream that deteriorated into a nightmare.” This is also a competent simile comparing the first games for Katniss to a “lifetime ago” saying that she experienced so much, she thinks of it as so long ago (when it was only a few years before). Furthermore, “Once they are done i’m like a plucked bird ready for roasting.” This simile is comparing Katniss to a “plucked bird ready for roasting”, meaning she is aerated and exhausted by the end of each of the games. Moreover, katniss says “When I look back, the four adults are watching me like a hawks.” This is Katniss comparing the capitol to hawks, because hawks are “always watching”, hence the saying, I’m watching you like a hawk. Lastly, “the capitol twinkles like a vast swarm of fireflies”, is comparing the capitol to “a vast swarm of fireflies”, now as this may sound like a favorable thing, it is not. Katniss says this in a way that the capitol is always there, no matter what. Not only did Collins use many vigorous smilies in this story, but she also used Moral so we gain lessons

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