Essay on Sacred Symbols Of The Relationship Between God And Mankind

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The Sacraments are agreed upon by most sources to be signs from God to confer grace. They are sacred symbols of the relationship between God and mankind. They communicate a meaning beyond themselves, are used to celebrate significant moments, and deepen our experiences and relationships. Jesus is the perfect symbol for christens for he is both fully divine and fully human. There are three categories of sacraments Initiation, Vocation, and healing we will talk about these categories later. Mass, Liturgy, and Eucharist all mean ritual service in essence however, their Greek and Latin meanings do differ. The priest wears different articles of clothing to symbolize different meaning, the Alb for purity, the cincture for modesty chastity and role of hard word priest takes on, the stole is a symbol of ordination, and the chasuble is for charity and love. The colors the priest wears is also symbolic of the time of year such as white and gold on Christmas and Easter as a symbol for rejoicing. The Mass consists of four key parts first the introductory rites which consist of the entrance procession, opening rite or greeting, penitential rite, Gloria, and an opening prayer. Next comes the Liturgy of the Word this starts with a reading from Mark, Luke, or John these reading are rotated yearly, after the reading comes the gospel, homily/sermon which generally relates to the gospel or readings, creed, and finally the prayer of the faithful. Third is the Liturgy of the Eucharist this…

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