Sacramental Orientation And Religious Rituals Essay

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Sacramental orientation is that of religious rituals or rather, how religious rituals are carried out. There are many religious rituals throughout the world which vary by religion. “in some religions, correct ritual is believed to influence the process of nature. All religions have some degree of ritual, but the ceremonial tendency is predominant” (Molloy pg16)
Each sacramental orientation must be carried out correctly in order to receive salvation. “The sacramental orientation emphasizes carrying out rituals and ceremonies regularly and correctly as the path to salvation” (Molloy pg 16) Not only must these rituals be carried out correctly, but many must be preformed regularly, such as Hindus providing an offering every morning to the gods with any combination of incense, flowers, coins or other items, in hopes of receiving good luck.
Some sacramental orientations are meant to be more symbolic, like “making the Catholic sign of the cross, for example, is done in a certain way: only with the right hand, beginning with a touch on the forehead, then on one’s chest, and finally on each shoulder, left to right.” (Molloy pg17) Another widely used sacramental orientation that has symbolic meaning is: putting one’s hands together and getting on both knees’s to pray. An additional example would be when people get baptized and either have their head submerged in or have water poured onto the head with blessed utensils.
Although, the aforementioned is more known in western…

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