SWOT Analysis: The Process Decision-Making Model

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Register to read the introduction… According to Harrison (1993), “[The process model has] generally subjective probabilities, pay offs, selective use of computation and compromise, [is on the] long-term horizon and a highly structured process” (Harrison, 1993). The solution demands a long term plan, will pay off with higher revenue streams, is selective in compromising and has to be structured to be a real strategic and successful financial plan. Clearly, with the use of decision making models a NPO can make better strategic plans, maximize its capability to raise revenue streams, develop a better analysis of what the issues are, determine which issues need to have immediate and/or long term attention and which could be determined by assisting staff (Harrison,1993). Successful, local and state wide NPOs actually hire mediators to come on site to help with decision making. One model used often is the SWOT analysis. During a SWOT analysis a NPO will evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a fundraising plan (Armstrong, …show more content…
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