SWOT Analysis: Strength, Weakness Opportunities And Steats

The acronym SWOT analysis stands for Strength, weakness opportunities and threats. My personal SWOT analysis will provide me the opportunity to analyze my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth and any potential threats that I may experience that can jeopardize my opportunities to grow. I will be taking a deeper look into the opportunities I can take to advance or enhance my strengths and overcome my weakness. This will provide me the opportunity to analyze what type of jobs and environments will assist me in maximizing my abilities so that i can have a positive impact on whatever organization I choose to serve.
Strengths I obtain that I feel attribute to my leadership skills is being a naturally extroverted individual,
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When interacting with others I am very concise and clear in my thoughts and opinions. At times, sensitive individuals can misinterpret my straightforward attitude and become offended by my approach. During the class period where I exchanged and received feedback, some of my fellow classmates, it mentioned to me to consider adjusting my delivery and be considerate of individuals who may not know my personality as well as others. I also tend to be overly analytical such as in the lost on the moon exercise where we were giving the task to choose which items we would need to make it to safety after our spaceship crashed. My results showed that I became obsessed with my well being and safety rather than which items would help us navigate to our …show more content…
My threats are my verbal delivery, faulty decision making, and risk of losing relationships. The delivery of a message is vital in reference to communicating with others. My aggressive tone can be unfavorable and result in receiving subtle feedback and engagement from individuals in the work place. My results in the Myer-Briggs exercise reflects this trait. On the S/N scale, which indicates the type of data I prefer states that I focus on facts and usually individuals with this trait tend to be pragmatic, concrete and inductive. By containing a strong voice, which can vary in different situations can draw a misinterpretation of my personality. This can become an issue with a team or organization and endanger my wellbeing within a

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