SWOT Analysis: Ronnie's Refreshments

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Producing the product is only a small part of the battle to having a successful company; the main challenge is getting the product in-front of customers. Since Ronnie’s Refreshments will be catering to customers seeking a healthier beverage alternative, getting our product in-front of the right people is our primary goal. Since we have already determined our target market, it is equally important to determine the distribution process of our products. Determining how we will get our juices from the plant to the customer’s hands is a vital part to any product’s success. Obviously the first step in this distribution process would be the production of the product itself. Ronnie’s Refreshments is a company established in Greenville, South Carolina. …show more content…
This analysis will outline the organization’s: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Knowing and understanding this information allows management to: maximize the company’s strengths, limit the company’s weakness, make decisions to take advantage of company’s opportunities, and help protect the company from its threats. All successful organizations have particular strengths which help set it apart from the competition. Some of Ronnie’s Refreshments strengths are the strong bond the company has formed with the local community in providing the products Ronnie’s Refreshment needs. Another strength is the high quality and freshness of the beverages in addition to the health benefits of the products we produce. The experience of Ronnie’s Refreshments employees is another strength of the company. Our employees, especially those involved in the production process, are all highly experienced in the beverage production industry. This allows our organization to make high quality products through many years of experience. One last strength is the great growth rate and potential in the particular market segment Ronnie’s Refreshments is entering. Ronnie’s Refreshments should learn and know what its strengths are and then work to focus on these strengths in order to take advantage of them. Just like strengths, nearly all organizations have weaknesses as well. Unfortunately, Ronnie’s Refreshments is no different. One such weakness is that Ronnie’s Refreshments is a newer company and therefore not yet well-established within the market. However, there is no way really around this since Ronnie’s Refreshment is a new company and it will merely have to work through this initial start-up period. Another weakness of Ronnie’s Refreshments is its currently limited financial resources. Ronnie’s Refreshments is a new company, as such it has many expenses associated with start-up and the

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