SWOT Analysis Of Working Day Recruitment Company

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SWOT Analysis of Working Day
The SWOT analysis of a company gives the idea of the strengths weaknesses , opportunities and threats for the company business.

Figure 14: SWOT Analysis of Working Day Recruitment Company, (Author, 2017)
Figure 14 shows the SWOT analysis of the Working Day company and the SWOT analysis is meant for the purpose of the explaining the strengths , weaknesses opportunities and threats . The SWOT analysis is the tool to determine the strengths and to find the weaknesses and as such it is useful for further improvement of the weaknesses and the strengthening the existing strengths. It also gives a clear idea about the existing opportunities and the threats available for the same.
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2) Established brand name in markets : working day company is existing into the market for years and as such it has been able to be evolved as a brand in the market
3) International contacts: the company is existing for several years in the market and as such it has been able to generate the International contacts which are quite productive in development of the existing business.
4) Expert training and consulting : The Working day company is able to provide the expert training and the consulting services because of the existing professional experience
5) Leader in domestic market: the company has been able to establish itself as the market leader in the domestic market that is Latvia.
6) Maintenance of professional skills and its improvement and upgrade: The company is able to maintain the professionalism and upgrading of ts skills as per the changing trend of the market.
7) High growth in the recent years : the company has shown a good growth pattern in the last few years
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2) Opportunity to establish their brand in the Nordic countries: The Working day company has its presence in the EU market and as such the company has the opportunity to expand their business and establish their brand in the Nordic countries and the other EU countries as well.
3) To get more professional contacts and foreign business: The company has already been established as a recruitment agency in Latvia and as such it has now more chances to grow and expand their contacts and business in the various foreign markets
4) International expansion: the Working Day has been able to establish itself as an efficient recruitment agency and as such it has a good opportunity to expand its international business and to gain more financially in terms of international business.

1) Local and International competition: The competition in the recruitment industry is increasing and as such it represents a threat to the Working day company as well. With the increase in the number of international as well as local recruitment companies the competition for the Working Day company is also

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