Veerender Jubbal: A Case Study

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Social media is more prominent with the younger demographic which is extremely helpful to corporations. It manages to link all parts of a company together with useful information to communicate. Two advantages of social media are: that it has cut lead time into customer responses, while demonstrating a personalized touch; also aiding in small business, with limited resources to reach customers on a global scale. In the event of finding a terrorist, using social media sites to instantly share information is key to instantaneous results with thousands of retweets. Although in Veerender Jubbal’s situation, social media was a detriment to him as people thought the information was verifiable. We need to remember that anything we share will have an impact on any audience that comes into contact with our message. They might, unfortunately, get noise instead of our intended message. Facebook’s safety check managed to use the information about people during the Paris bombings and …show more content…
Therefore, I recommend that that using social media garners more advantages than cons. We can use the demographic data to customize a cost-effective marketing campaign that will generate supplementary sales. Also by understanding the click through rate along with the number of active users on Facebook we can establish a penetration rate and keep track of any market share we can receive. All the information that social media gives us supplies us with great metric tools that can accurately determine our profitability among most of our customers that use the services/posts/comments we leave on social media. So by using a Facebook page with target posts to the specified demographics, we are destined to gather moderate sales until all resources can be implemented. I guess you can say that we are moving on up with the help of the generation z kids’ addiction with

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