SWOT Analysis Of Boomf

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1. What is the SWOT analysis and how can it be useful for organisations? (20 marks)
A SWOT analysis is a strategic method that focuses on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a business/business venture using internal and external factors. Strengths are characteristics of the business that arise from the internal environment; giving the business an advantage over competitors within the same market. Weaknesses are characteristics of the business that also arise from the internal environment, putting the business at a disadvantage in terms of competition. Opportunities are external chances that businesses may use to gain an advantage over competitors or to improve their performance of a particular function such as HR. Threats
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Conduct a SWOT analysis of Boomf, based on the information in the case study. Structure your SWOT according to the three business functions: Human Resources Management, Accounting and Finance, and Marketing. Present your analysis in the form of a SWOT table. ‘Boomf employs up to 100 people in busy periods, falling to 20 in the slower months’ – This is a strength because the founders of the company know their peak times, meaning that they know when to employ more people to meet demand. Also, knowing when the off-peak times are, enables the company to dismiss employees when needed to. Therefore, the company doesn’t have unnecessary expenditures.
‘James Middleton worked two back-to-back shifts – This is a weakness because he may have made mistakes during his shifts due to tiredness. This could cause the company to lose regular customers and potential
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This threat needs to be addressed because if employees don’t have job security then they won’t feel a part of the team. Therefore, this will have an adverse effect on their motivation to carry out tasks; making them more likely to make mistakes and jeopardize the company’s reputation. Another important issue that Boomf need to address is a weakness regarding James Middleton working back-to back shifts. This weakness needs to be addressed because he’s showing employees that you need to work excess amounts in order to achieve targets. This could be seen as setting a bad example because if employees copy him then they may start to resent their job which could limit their

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