SWOT Analysis Of Aquafina

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Register to read the introduction… * High quality standards
* Communication is weak * Lack of Awareness * Weak Distribution Channels
These distributors, though observing the rapid increase in customer demand refuse to hire new, more efficient and innovative staff that would take the organizations to rise rather they stuck to their old staff members.
* Concentrating on these areas of weakness can increase sales * It has opportunity to advertise its product in better way. * It has strongest opportunity to increase its product line by making segments in mineral water. Mineral water should be of different taste E.g. like AQUA FINA in USA has introduced mineral water of different taste. So it captured the market. * By increasing product line it can also increase its sales.
* Segments are being shared by competitors * Under cutting by competitors. * Uncertain conditions will affect the sales
SWOT Analysis of
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A) Innovative Product
Nestle first of all introduced innovative product in Pakistan. Some of core competencies of Nestle are given below * Pure Water * It’s free of Germs * It is free of chemical * It includes different vitamins in water which increase its purityand make this mineral water unique from others * Health Drinking Water. Because it includes vitamins whichprevent its users from different diseases. * Nestle sponsors different events * Continuous improvement * Social responsibility

So core competency is basically the skill that a company has. As Nestle Mineral Water has this core competency. If Nestle meet these corecompetencies, it can grow it sales and revenue. Then it can alsodifferentiate its product from others. So these are key factors to achieve success and meet goals.
Competitive Analysis
Competitive analysis includes the comparison of one organization withits competitor. It differentiate product and tells which product stands at which position. It tells about the differentiation of characteristics and weaknesses of the product with its competitor’s. As we know that more important competitor of Nestle is Aqua

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