SWOT Analysis: Kambinan Restaurants

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Register to read the introduction… Most “kambingan” restos are usually bar-type, loaded with liquors, making the “kambing” recipes as comfort food for the alcohol beverages.

← Social and Cultural Environment:

← A “kambingan” diner is a common type of business which is highly acceptable to various markets due to its concept not contradicting to religious sectors, and to diet-conscious eaters. The cuisine is flexible to any variants or meals – can be viands paired with rice, or comfort food for “pika-pika” with favorite drinks on the sides.

← Technological Environment:

← The business does not need to have several upgrading such as to update technology or purchase special machineries just to create a cozy ambience and maintain the satisfaction of needs for the customers.

SWOT Analysis

|Strengths |Weaknesses |
|Location: People come to satisfy craving for “kambing” specialties |Location: not an accessible area for public utility vehicles
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|Competition with similar house specials at a more accessible location and |
|Business expansion – establish a branch on a different area. |cheaper price. |
| |Less clienteles with no vehicles |
| |Competitors nearby areas

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