STICA Diwali Menu Analysis

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On October 28th, 2015, the first meeting was about creating a list for the menu for an STICA Diwali potluck event. The participants in the meeting included are Raj Ponnusamy, Nitya Thangasamy, Uma Janakiraman, Sudha Jayaraman, and Malar/Natarajan Gunasekaran. The main menu includes appetizers, dinner, and desserts. On November 11th, 2015, the second meeting was to contact different participants and assigned them to prepare a dish. My parents had to email list volunteers, who are making the dish and attending the event. The only concern is that volunteers did not respond due to personal commitments. On November 14th, 2015, I attended the STICA Diwali, where I had to serve appetizers to the local community and took some picture of each food item. …show more content…
Volunteering gives me the opportunity to interact with friends, with different experience and background. I do have an interest in helping people to become better learners by developing skills and knowledge. I decided to take this as a challenge without any concerns to plan meetings in advance and have participants to join in. Additionally, it requires a lot of brainstorming and planning to see how the event will function, in relation to participants’ feedback. I respond to participants and provide them a suggestion to determine which areas needs improvement. Arranger from Strength Finder relates to my development as a leader. Arranger occurs where the person has to identify the pieces until everything gets worked out. I try to balance personal and professional to get meet with participants at a different schedule. I am flexible to answer participants, by email or phone to discuss about menu planning. I do interact with participants, who demonstrate an interest in making the menu that is appealing and exciting. As a leader, I have to be organized and create a list of materials and items for a Diwali event. Organizing alleviates my stress where I tend to help and interact with participants to develop a skill. If participants are struggling with menu planning, I ask them what is the issue and how can we solve it. All I have to do is explain the situation and assign participants, which menu is easier to make. Most importantly, I prefer to work with active participants, who have goals to complete the task and start fresh the next

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