Individual-Based Therapy Case Studies

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Chloe is a seventeen-year-old high school female student. She has long blonde hair that she prefers to hang it over her face, this makes it had to understand and identify facial expression easily. Her mum did clarify that she has been living with her biological parent since she was young, and she spends portion of the holiday time with her aunt. Her favorite dressing mode is wearing a pink or white t-shirt and jeans. Her mum clarified that whenever she is depressed her voice varies. Currently, Chloe lives only with her mom as her father is in jail.
Chief Complaint Her teacher states Chloe's chief complaints is that as she started to have an unexpected drastic change in behavior and the academic performance. The teacher further highlighted that she was no longer active in doing group assignment
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There was no room for challenging the client as the therapy is more concerned with being supportive to the patient.
b. Being passive and non-directive didn’t bring most out of the client.
c. The client was not that motivated hence performing effective therapy was challenging.
d. Individual-based treatment didn’t draw on psychodynamic, behavioral therapy and development thus there was lack of fully understanding of the patient.
e. unconditional positive therapeutic regards didn’t prepare the client for the real world.
f. Lack of emphasizing on the technique of solving the problem.
g. As the therapist, there is a point where you ask the client to separate part of their personality or shifting of ego state, this delicate advice as there is no certainty that the client will reintegrate and it may proof more of damage.
h. The time is less for collecting client information, providing orientation to the therapeutic process, making a formal assessment and establishing rapport and intervention within the structured care framework.
i. The client came from a collective cultural system hence it proved a bit hard to fit the paradigm

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