SLEPT Analysis: Mccain Foods

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McCain Foods is a privately run company who has been in business since 1957. It was founded by two brothers, Harrison and Wallace McCain. McCain Food Ltd. Is located in Florenceville. New Brunewick, Canada. In the last 50 years, McCain has become the world’s only global French fry producer (McCain n.d.). It is the worlds largest producer of French fries and potato specialties (The Times 100 2014). It buys 12% of the British potato crop (The Times 100 2014). They are best known for their Oven Chips. McCain is one of the worlds largest frozen food companies, and has a wide variety of frozen products including specialty potatoes, and frozen light meals. McCain has a strong market focus, that enables them to carry out research to find want …show more content…
Do Good (McCain n.d.).” Also, McCain Foods states their strategy is to grow their business, and to “bring the goodness of McCain potatoes and value-added food products to all (McCain n.d.).” They also pride themselves as a business driven by good people, and they make good products with good ingredients, which make people feel good (McCain n.d.). They also state the way they conduct themselves in every part of the business is important; from the farmers and customer relationships, to their sustainable agricultural processes. Furthermore, when examining McCain foods using the SLEPT Analysis Tool in relation to external factors, there are several opportunities and threats present by the external environment. One of the most significant social factors was the increasing concern about obesity in 2005-2006, especially in children. There was a drop in sales, so McCain worked to make their potato products healthier with less fat and salt even though they felt their product already had reasonable quantities of salt and fat. They only used sunflower oil, and natural ingredients, and specially selected potatoes. They had to put on a public relations campaign and advertising communicating that their products were healthy, and were made from simple, whole ingredients;

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