Personal Narrative: We The People

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Chris Heldman, His 101 SIN2, Reflective Essay, July 13, 2015.
“We the people.’’ These three words are at the beginning of our nation’s first formal document. This document and many others that form our government have their origins in an early city of America and in ancient societies. I visited this city on March 25 this year to observe these documents and to visit the locations of their creations. I attended multiple speeches, presentations, and historical sites. Each of these had a large impact on my views, provided historical context, and would form a stronger community.
When I first arrived, we went to the visitor’s center to get our tickets for the tourist activities. We walked across Independence Mall. We entered the mall and waited for the next tour. Our tour guide arrived and began to explain the history of the building. It was originally a state house for the Pennsylvanian colony and completed in 1756. This British governmental building was the site of the most profound and revolutionary debates 20 years later. We first entered the Governor’s Council Chamber, where the head of the local
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A single actor entered the surround theater, paused and then asked a simple but profound question, “We the people. Who are we, what makes us a People?” (Freedom Rising) The actor continued and explained that a simple 4-page document set forth the development of our great nation. The presentations went on to verbally and visually depict the history that led up to the creation of the document and its impact on the world. The presentation ended with the statement that, “It’s the most powerful vision of human freedom ever expressed, and it begins with three words, we the people”(Freedom Rising). The actor gestured to imply to the audience that this means each and every one of us. This presentation was the most impacting of all of the activities I attended that day in Historical

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