SELMA Summary Essay

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Christie Omar
Mr. Isebor
SELMA Summary In Selma we look back at the 1965 campaign by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to secure equal voting rights for African-American citizens. That political battle was waged in the deep south, where King organized marches from the town of Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, in protest of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s hesitation on voting rights legislation.
Looking behind the curtain of history, we learn more about the political obstacles and negotiations King had to navigate in order to realize his agenda – including compromises within his own political, racial, and religious affiliations in order to achieve a greater good. Probing even deeper, we learn more about the toll that being an icon
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The Kings receive threats at home from people that say they will harm their children. King comes under scrutiny from members of SNCC (the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee), who think King is not doing enough to help the cause. The Selma to Montgomery march is about to take place. King is in Atlanta and won 't be attending the March, and talks by phone to Andrew Young about cancelling the March, but Young reasons with him and King agrees that the march

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