Comparing Desiree And Kezia In The Doll's House By Katherine Mansfield

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Desiree and Kezia, a different age, a different time , a different nationality, but yet two very similar stories. Kate Chopin’s Desiree’s Baby and The Doll’s House to Katherine Mansfield both present a cruel and merciless world which people cannot be treated equally and fairly. Both injurers and victims are suffering from discrimination and everyone has the duty to stop and prevent the discrimination.

Both Katherine Mansfield and Kate Chopin use the literary device which is irony to express the personality of their main characters who is under the squeezing of races and class distinction. Both of them are written by the writers using the third point of view to illuminate the details step by step with an omniscient narrator view. Desiree's
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“Night and day, I thank the good God for having so arranged our lives that our dear Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him, belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery.” (Desiree’s Baby, 157). Armand finally found that he is the one who has the ancestry of the black people. He ruins his own life because he lost his wife and his baby due to racism and discrimination. From this part, we find that slavery is not only oppressed, but also oppressors. In the story The Doll’s House, the Burnell’s children were treated differently because of their lower family level. And the parents told their children not to play with those lower class children. “So …show more content…
Desiree and Kezia are both suffering from discrimination, however they take the difference actions to respond as one is accepted by hiding the other choose to stand up and fight. When Desiree was mistaken by Armand, she even did not explain anything, the only thing that she does is to accept the “true” which is told by others.“It means. He answered lightly that the children is not white; that means you are not white.” (Desiree’s Baby, 109). After that she even decided to die because she realizes that this world cannot tolerate the exist of mixed. She is not brave enough to fight for her own rights. “I shall die, i must die. I cannot be so unhappy, and live.” (Desiree’s Baby, 120). She is so curtness to say that she is not happy to live with her baby. She did not take her own life serious, so how can she stand up and fight for her own rights. She has a negative attitude about the discrimination because she is fear and decided to escape instead of debated for herself. However in the other story, Kezia, she is so brave that she tries to obey her mother’s warning and want to have friendship with lower classes. She was told not to have a connection with those lower classes, students like the Burnell’s children. But she finally decided to invite them to come and see their new doll’s house. “It doesn’t matter. You can come and see our doll’s house all the same. Come on. No body’s

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