Ryanair's Approach To Hr Case Study

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Ryanair’s approach to HR from what I have gathered seems to mirror the company’s branding image as a “no frills” airline, as it has been seen to be no stranger to controversy when it comes to relations with its employees.
In the recruitment process, Ryanair invite applicants to apply via the Ryanair website which is very well displayed with detail and imagery. It really gives the illusion to be a great fun company to work for with several images shown staff looking very happy smiling at work and at social events. Ryanair’s internal marketing strategy brand their job descriptions as a way to get away from the typical nine-to-five job, a career that will allow you to travel and see the world and work in a fun working environment. On their cabin
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Ryanair control their staff oppose to empowering them as proven by the two documentaries quoted in this report, employees are giving no discretion over the way tasks are carried out, this controlling method can lead to potential failure without the possibility to turn them into service recovery. If staff were empowered by giving discretion with their tasks, staff can use their own initiative in situations for service …show more content…
The whistle-blower pilot in the documentary talked about how he experienced Ryanair’s ‘Fear’ culture, bullying, intimidation and harassment for 7 years of his time with the company labelling it a dictatorship regime at every level of its management structure, there’s this pressure and aggressiveness. The pilot stated that if an employee were to speak out about this culture he would be singled out and told that your services would no longer be required. This shows there is very bad communication among the staff and management in the company creating distrust.
Ryanair’s only motivational strategies seem to be the league table system to motivate employees to perform within which the points are set out for in which if you are top of the table at the end of the month you are rewarded with a tangible money bonus and the intangible status of being top, this method can motivate employees to hit their targets just to not be named and shamed as being bottom of that

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