Ryan Murphy : American Horror Story, And Scream Queens Essay

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Ryan Murphy is one of the most creative and talented television writers of the 21st Century. He has penned three hits with the FOX Network, and these shows illustrates his complexity as a writer. Glee, American Horror Story, and Scream Queens show the different levels of Ryan Murphy. He shows the viewers that he can either separate these levels or add these levels together. Either way, whatever he creates becomes a hit.
The show Glee first premiered on the FOX Network on May 19, 2009. The show starred high schoolers, who came from different backgrounds. These teens also had different personalities that set them apart, and this is what helped them become household names. The main cast were part of a glee club, an organization that resembled a choir, that were trying to win competitions and make themselves legitimate, despite having many obstacles. Murphy created these characters that had a true level of realism, along with the episodes that accompanied them. With each episode, Murphy targeted a real-life issue that was present at the time of its making. He covered issues like bullying and self-image with Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) and Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). He also covered homosexuality and the bashing that comes along with it, by using Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer). He talked about teenage pregnancy, abortion, and adoption with Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron), Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith), and Puck (Mark Salling). Murphy’s unique way of blending these storylines in with…

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