Essay on RWT1 Research & Business Report

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Business Research Report
Insurance Agency Expanding Into Call Center Selling.

Assessment Code: RWT1
Student Name: John Graves
Student ID: 000333999
Date: 1/14/14
Mentor Name: Paula Rosmanitz

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Research Findings 4
Five9 Cloud Contact Center Solutions 4

Velocify 4

Google Apps For Business 5

Recommendations 5
Conclusion 6
References.... 7

Executive Summary

This report was commissioned to explore the opportunities of moving our company to a call center/ remote agent model. I will examine which technologies we would benefit from and how they would improve and expand our business.

While doing my research I discovered several companies in a similar field as
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Velocify works directly with the Five9 system mentioned above by delivering the dialing automation directly from the lead listed in Velocify to the Five9 dialer for immediate lead contacting.

Analysis: With my analysis of the Velocify system I believe it will greatly improve our lead management, distribution, analyzing and nurturing. To incorporate this technology no hardware upgrades are needed since Velocify is completely web based. Which allow for our agents to work remotely. With the Velocity Management system it will give our managers and leads department the needed feed back on results to determine where the lead should best be distributed and how. Without having to store all of our sales data in house we reduce administrative cost greatly and gain 24/7 remote access to our sales data.

Google Apps For Business

Google Apps for Business is a all in one cloud work environment. It will integrate our company email, calender and secure server, and will give us the added ability to add document sharing, video meetings and a host of other apps for streamlining business. With Google email we will be able to have the email address cloaked with our business name such as We will also be able to merge our current email platform so no messages are lost. And the

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