Russian Revolution Propagand Posters And Slogans Essay

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Russian Revolution Propaganda: Posters & Slogans

In this lesson we will learn about propaganda during the Russian Revolution of 1917. We will explore examples, including posters and slogans, and see how propaganda played a critical role in the spread of revolution (and the battle against it).

The Russian Revolution: Main Ideas and Overview

Imagine you 're a factory worker when the Russian Revolution broke out in 1917. You go to work one morning, and you see all kinds of posters proclaiming the coming of a ' 'people 's revolution. ' ' The artwork on these posters is brilliant, and because you are poor and sympathize with the plight of workers, you find it very inspiring. In fact, it gets you thinking, and a few days later, you join the revolution.

This would not have been an uncommon scene in revolutionary Russia. Propaganda played a powerful role in the Russian Revolution. But before we explore propaganda, let 's just very quickly highlight the Russian Revolution itself for some context.

The Russian Revolution was actually a series of two major revolutions that took place in Russia in 1917, resulting in the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II and the creation of the Soviet Union. See, the peasants and the working class people of Russia had been oppressed for decades. Power and wealth was concentrated in the hands of the few, while the vast majority of Russians struggled just to get by.

This photograph depicts the Russian Revolution in progress. rev By 1917 the masses had…

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