Russian Government During The World War II Essay example

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A century ago, in front of the Korea’s coastal waters, Japan and Russia had conflict over interests in Manchuria and the Korean peninsula, which is called Russo-Japanese War. At that era, Russian government was an imperial power and had many rebelling against the leader Czar Alexander II. After the incident, Czar Nicholas II obtained the sovereignty of Russia. However, because of too much internal revolution in Russia, they had to struggle with unstabilized government during the war. However, the Russians had supremely confident to win small island country. Unlike Russia, Japan had stabilized government and strong army forces. Also, they already had won the First-Sino Japanese War against China. At that moment, Japanese wanted more power, and larger territories, which as a result Japan declared war, not Russia. Russian failure decision made them to withdraw from the war and Japan obtained more territories and power by occupying Korea and part of China. Before the war begins, for centuries, the dominant power in East Asia was China; however, as the Japanese began to reconstruct their country with new technologies, education, and ideas, their nation’s power had excessively grown in a short period. Also, as the destruction of Chinese sovereignty occurred in late 19th century, Japan took over the chance from disorder in China and invaded China to siege and expand the territory. Unfortunately, because China had struggled with both Japan and the United States, they lost the…

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