Russian Federation Vs. Modern Day Russia Essay

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Russia is a country in Europe that has existed and been inhabited since Paleolithic times. Russian Federation or Modern Russian has grown into the largest country in the world. Several major events have built Russia into what we know today. The early history during the ninth century C.E. Kievan Russia developed the first political party that reigned from the 10th-12th century (The World Fact Book, 2016). Since then there have been a plethora of leaders and developments. They have been involved in a number of wars such as Mongolian War, Cold War, and World War (Index of Major Wars, n.d.). They have more recently become a threat to the United States again. Russians’ political, military, economic, social, infrastructure and physical environment are things that are needed to understand its’ structure. Russia’s culture is important to know in the military in the case of future engagements.

The political aspect of any country is instrumental in understanding them as a whole. Modern day Russia has the well-known long name of The Russian Federation and in most cases simply called Russia. Russia was formerly the Russian Empire and Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R). The government is currently a semi-presidential federation. The semi-presidential system is comprised of a president, prime minister, and cabinets. The chief of state is President Vladimir Putin elected on 07 May 2012. The prime minister is Dmitry Medvedev…

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