Russian Art During Soviet Era Essay

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The Soviet Era

After identifying the preferences of Russian collectors nowadays, it is reasonable to question if it is prompted by the development of Russian art during Soviet era.

During the October Revolution in 1917 to 1932, the Lenin’s era was a period of relative freedom and experimentation for the art in any forms inside the country. Wide variety of trends was tolerated by the government, given that they were not explicitly oppose to the government. Lenin was conservative and traditional in art. He hated any new art movements by that time and declared that art must serve as utilitarian function of promoting the Revolution. He was the one set the future route by strongly encouraging that artists serve party interests and reinforce the power of the party. However, he did not execute this policy as what Stalin did, severely punished those who did not follow the party direction. Although government did not control the artists, numerous of them emigrated because of their opposition to the government (Fox, 1977).

In 1932, Stalin 's government took control of the arts and published a decree entitled
“Reorganization of Literary and Art Institutions”. It stated that Socialist Realism was the only theory and method of artistic expression suitable to Soviet society and demanded that all artists conform to its principles regardless of the mode of their past work. Any independent or unofficial artists or art groups were strictly prohibited. Various artists emigrated from the…

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