Russia And The United States Essay

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Russia is seeking to regain the great power status it once held during its empire and Cold War days, primarily by gaining power from its greatest rival, the United States (U.S.). Russia has revisionist intention in its core. It is not satisfied with the post-cold war international order and seeks its rightful place among great power states. Russia’s intent is to maximize their power and its ultimate goal is to rise again as a hegemon that challenges the current international order. Russia is trying to shift the balance of power on her behalf vis-à-vis other states, especially from its historical rivals, the U.S. and the greater European states.2 In order to shift the balance of power, Russia must confront its rivals and reduce their political, economic, and above all military capabilities. To create a new international order with Russia as a hegemon, Russia must attack the U.S. influence in the world politics, diminish NATO as the U.S. greatest security alliance, and weaken the European Union (EU) as the U.S. greatest ally in keeping the current international order stable. Therefore, the most pressing national security challenge facing the U.S. in the next 5-10 years is the rise of Russia because it threatens the U.S. power in Europe through balance of power changes to the international order, through disruption of the NATO alliance, and through stability of the EU.
Russia threatens the balance of power as it seeks to rises as a hegemon, disrupting international…

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