Essay on Russia And The Soviet Union

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When doing international business, cultural characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes are quintessential with regards to the success of the business interaction and relationship. Like all countries, Russia has a unique set of cultural, social, political, and economic traits that determine the way business and other interactions are viewed and carried out. Due to the nature of Russia’s autocratic and Communist history, Russia is now seen as a country of cultural contradictions. After the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s, a cultural gap has emerged between the older generations, who have a conservative and group mentality, and the younger generations that are characterized as more dynamic, progressive, and individualistic. In general, older generations in Russia view society with a general sense of pessimism and have a degree of isolation from outsiders who they view might prey upon them. This is a result of a long history of totalitarianism that was applied by the Czar and, then, the Soviet Union. Russia has historically been seen as a symbol of oppression and repression for the masses therefore; older generations have a lack of trust and a pessimistic outlook at government and the state. Following the establishment of Perestroika, which translates to restructuring, the Communist system was decimated and Russia began to slowly adapt to the Western ideals of individualism and maximization. After a decade or so of reforming Russian society post-Soviet Union, it has…

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