Russia And Ir Revolutionaries And The Creation Of A New Regime

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Russia and Iran: Revolutionaries and the Creation of a New Regime After the late 1700’s, revolution stopped being an occurrence that was almost accidental in nature. The revolution of Russia and Iran resulted from leaders who gained the trust of their citizens. Vladimir Lenin was able to completely overthrow Russia’s previous regime because he understood that the people were expecting immediate change even when the dual powers of government at the time did not. Ayatollah Khomeini understood that even though Iran was going through modernization, the majority of people were still traditionalists who respected religion more than they did westernization. These two people were able to radically change their government because they listened to what the people wanted and made that the core purpose for the new states they created. Readers of this essay will see how the revolutions of Russia and Iran resulted in new forms of government that were designed to function more beneficially towards the majority when before it was structured for the minority. During the early 1900’s, Russia was going through a period of industrialization due to the tsarist regime’s belief that it was necessary in order to remain a world power. The proletariat, or working class, grew tired of the well-off citizens, or bourgeoisie, living a much easier life than they had and began requesting that changes be made. Nicholas II, the tsar at the time, conceded to these demands only to keep control of citizens…

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