Russi The Russian Federation Essay examples

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The official name for Russia is the Russian Federation. (Fun Russia Facts for Kids) The Russian Federation was established after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December of 1991. Russia is the largest country in the world, in the terms land area and has an estimated population of about 143 million at the beginning of 2013. (Fun Russia Facts for Kids) Another way to imagine how big Russia really is, Russia is stretched across nine different time zones. Moscow is the largest city in Russia and is also the capital of Russia. (Fun Russia Facts for Kids) It is difficult to give any sort of idea about the climate and weather in Russia, except that summers are warm to hot, and winters get very cold in some areas. (Russia) Due to the variances areas of Russia heavyweight clothing are needed for the winter, no matter where you go, waterproof light to medium weight jackets are advised for the summers. (Russia)

Russian’s take great pride in their culture. During initial exchanges with a Russian person, it is important to ask about his or her family, without being overly personal or inquisitive. (Russian Customs and Traditions) A visitor who knows something about the culture and is openly willing to learn more will earn respect for holding and conveying such a positive attitude. (Russian Customs and Traditions) Visitors should use formal addresses and conduct themselves conservatively when in the company of Russians. It is an inappropriate public…

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