Rural Health Essay

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In some of the European countries the coverage amount for medicine from a government is closely to eighty percent. That is a reason why lower and middle economic class population is able to visit a doctors and take care of their health because their government allows to do so. Canada responded to rural health issues and came-up with federal agencies that have been indirectly involved in rural health. These programs are known to be as Environment Canada and Public Works and Government Services Canada which have a direct impact and cooperation with parts of territorial governments that work with rural health populations. For example, “Ontario 's Centre for Rural and Northern Health research is devoted to research to improve rural health, receiving …show more content…
Starfield is comparing the health system characteristics, cost of care, and the degree of disparities in health and health services of Canada and United States. There are some similarities within both countries’ health system such as in U.S. 2.4 physicians per 1,000 population and in Canada 2.2 physicians per 1,000. However, there is fifty percent differences of specialist in United States compared to ten percent of specialist in Canada. With that being said, in my opinion, United States should have a better rating in overall health care ratio, but Canada seems still be listed above. On the other side, specialist doctors in the United States may see the individuals who have specific and serious health problem which may lead to a higher price per visit compared to a general monthly check-ups. Back in 1947 in Canada, publicity administrated hospital insurance was introduced and later fallowed in 1950s and 1960s increased public coverage of ambulatory services for residents. Which later by 1972 the advantage of such coverage was accepted to lead the passage of the Canada Health Act, which made universal coverage available to all citizens across the country. This act (CHA) supported features that strongly supported primary care and “necessary care” be provided to public without a charge to patients. Those are the biggest differences comparing to United States health care, because general public is concerned about calling the ambulance as well as going to the emergency room based on the expenses. Population is also concerned about the cost of a visit to see a specialist doctor. People are afraid to get bankrupted of heath care programs which does not cover “necessary care” referring to Canadian term. In my opinion, such a great and rich country like United States should be more responsible of providing a better social health care that should be reasonably accessible to

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